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Young Guy

Steven Saylor

Best of LV


Young Guy We don't know who this guy is but apparently most of the young girls in Las Vegas know who he is.

Steven Saylor This is a copy of a water color done by Northern Nevada Artist Steven Saylor. The drawing is called "Bar Talk" and is a limited edition distributed through Evergreen Studios, in Dayton, Nevada, A great artist and a nice man.

Best of LV This is the "Best of Las Vegas" logo we are authorized to use after being voted the "Best of Las Vegas Souvenir". Visit us at the Stardust Resort & Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip, 702/365-6847, with your favorite photo or we can take the picture on site for your photo mug. The process takes 5 minutes.

Nick This is a picture of the famous Nick of, "Nick's Supper Club" located at 15 E. Lake Mead Drive, Henderson, NV. Call 702/565-0122. Besure and visit the oyster bar. Fine Dining!!!!!
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