Images are reproduced using concentrated heat activated dyes and applied with a pressurized heat process. First,a color image is taken of the photograph or live subject. The image is captured by the processor, on the color transfer printer a print is made. The print is attached to the mug and placed in a press that applies heat and pressure to transfer the image permanently onto the mug. That's all there is to it. Each mug takes about five minutes from start to finish to produce.
     This is basically the process employed to make all the products.

     The list of markets where this product has been successfully introduced is continually growing. Our customers are selling photo mugs in kiosks, gift carts, and stores in local shopping malls. Many are participating with fund raising organizations to offer the product to clubs, church groups, etc....
     Small businesses are often customers of digital imaging system operators. They use this process as an opportunity to provide mugs to photo finishing stores, drug stores, petshops, etc.... Extreme Digital Products, Inc. provides marketing support for these business opportunities.

     Although we are not partners in the true sense of the word, we are partners in that we offer support and introductions to new products and technologies as they are introduced to the market place.
     Quality is recognized as a valuable attribute that distinguishes a company's products and services. Compare our products to others and you will choose Extreme Digital Products, Inc.

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